Digitale anatomiske illustrationer

Digital anatomical illustrations

Digital anatomical illustrations from eAnatomy

At eAnatomi, we create original anatomical illustrations, which we offer in both physical format, such as posters as well as in a digital format. Regardless of the format, our work follows the same aesthetic design and color choice.

By offering our illustrations in both print and digital, our customers can create a common thread in their visual identity, which is not just aesthetic, but also functional.

anatomical illustration of a woman eAnatomy


eAnatomi has designed anatomical illustrations itself for over 10 years and therefore has a large catalog that we use in our work. Our illustrations can be used in many ways and while we offer them in the form of our original anatomical posters, we also offer our customers to use the illustrations digitally.

Anatomical illustration of the female facial muscles eAnatomy

Any presentation that deals with anatomy and thereby most often treatment requires accurate and pedagogical tools. Add to that that aesthetics is a particularly valuable dimension of everything that is presented visually. For the same reason, it is important to e.g. a masseuse or physiotherapist who has a website and perhaps also writes professional articles, presents his work professionally and with the aforementioned values ​​and dimensions taken into account. That's why eAnatomi offers our original and unique illustrations as digital files that you can purchase access to and use in your work.

By using our original anatomical illustrations, you ensure legal access to the material and therefore do not have to risk downloading files from the internet which may be subject to copyright, just as you also do not have to settle for disjointed illustrations, styles and thus the risk to appear unprofessional.

If you buy anatomical illustrations from eAnatomi, you get legal access to the material, which allows you to create a website, article or educational material where the design, expression and content express what you want.

eAnatomi can design and customize existing designs to suit your style. You can also buy access to selected illustrations on this page.

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