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Advanced skull model of a 3-year-old child divisible into 14 parts

Advanced skull model of a 3-year-old child divisible into 14 parts

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This skull model is a cast of a real preparation from a 3-year-old child. The skull shows all anatomical structures in detail and has been developed for students in anatomy, medicine, surgery, ENT medicine, ophthalmology and dental studies. The skull is intricately carved and joined together with metal and magnetic connections.

The skull top is removable. Bone impressions of the sagittal sinus, transversus sinus and sigmoid sinus as well as the meninges are indicated by colour.

The base of the skull is cut sagittally so that the incision runs through a target plate on one side and another is cut with the same plane through the other target plate of the ethmoid bone, leaving the Christa galli and the perpendicular plate as well as the entire septum nasi intact. The structures of the anterior, middle and posterior fossa are easily accessible. You can see the nasal cavity, conchae, septum and bony pharynx and nasopharynx directly. The nasal septum can be removed from the surrounding bony structures. The removable temporal bone shows a complete external auditory canal.

The upper jaw and lower jaw show the structures of the teeth, the roots, the bony edge of the alveolar process as well as nerves and vessels. The maxillary sinus can be opened by removing a flap. The teeth, including the permanent teeth still embedded in the bone, can be made accessible by removing a bone flap.

Estimated age: 3 years

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