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Nose and neck model for practicing inoculation technique

Nose and neck model for practicing inoculation technique

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Anatomical model for use in teaching and practicing inoculation technique in the nose and throat. The model has been developed to train healthcare students and staff in performing nasopharyngeal swab tests for the diagnosis of COVID-19, influenza and other respiratory infections. The model is also particularly relevant for patient explanation in the test centres, set up in connection with the corona epidemic. The model measures a total of 20 cm x 37 cm x 15 cm. Cotton swabs are not included.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows a medial section of the head and neck region, with visible brain structures, nasal cavity and pharynx, which are realistically shaped and can be clearly seen through the clear plexiglass.

Product flexibility

In terms of movement, the model is fixed on a stand. While the model as a whole is produced in durable plastic without flexibility, the tongue is produced in a flexible and 'meat-like' material. This makes it possible to press the tongue down when inoculating in the throat via the mouth.

Clinical features

Clinically, the model can be used for demonstration and practice in inoculation and diagnosis of viruses and infections in the nose and throat region, including covid-19 / coronavirus.

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