Collection: Cat (Felis catus)

Anatomical models of the cat include both the cat's skeleton and its parts such as the skull as well as models of specific organs such as the heart. eAnatomy can also provide real bones produced by skilled conservators.

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Our assortment of cat models is part of our category of animal models. The range of anatomical models of cats includes both models made of real bones and cat models made of plastic. The range is aimed at anyone with an interest in a cat or especially a domestic cat - e.g. vets, veterinary students and others related to veterinary medicine.

In the assortment there is a skeleton of a cat in real bones. The cat's skeleton also includes the smallest bones. Special conditions apply regarding the real skeletons of cats. Conditions such as deals with delivery time, laws and variation.

In the assortment there is also a cat skull, which is real. This is shown by the many bones and the complete set of teeth. Furthermore, the jaw is movable. It is also possible to buy a very flexible plastic cat's jaw. It shows the cat's teeth with and without various disorders. If you are interested in heartworms in cats, there is also an educational and practical model which shows the cat's heart, parts of the cat's lungs and a single heartworm.