Collection: Bone set for teaching

Bone sets and bone boxes are used for teaching the anatomy of the skeleton, by presenting the bones individually in detailed plastic casts.

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In this range you will find bone sets which are ideal for understanding or rehearsing the anatomy of bones at both high and low levels of education. That is, bone sets for all kinds of anatomy students. A typical set of bones consists of all the bones the human skeleton is made of - however, paired bones are only seen in one specimen. Bone sets are also called bone collection, skeleton set, study box and bone box.

In the assortment there are also "empty bone boxes" that fit these bone sets, which are typically delivered in a cardboard box. Our empty bone boxes include an aluminum box in the low price range and a plastic box in the high price range.

Our best-selling bone sets have been developed for study use and are typically purchased by physiotherapist students, occupational therapist students, psychomotor students and students on similar programmes. The bones are very lifelike and the bone set is cheap.

In addition, the range includes a classic bone set, which can be used for many purposes, as well as our bone set with the most lifelike bones and the highest material quality, which is used, among other things, at the medical school/medical school in Denmark. Furthermore, there is also a lifelike bone set of 24 numbered vertebrae, which is delivered in a practical and compartmentalized storage box.

In our bone sets, the hand and foot are either connected via steel wire or nylon cord. If the latter is the case, the bones can be pulled apart so that they can be better studied. If they are to be separated completely, the knots on the nylon cords must be untied.