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Anatomical skull models include skulls molded in plastic that come in many different versions. A skull model can be supplied in many sizes, with few parts, many parts, with or without color-coded bones or soft parts such as jaw muscles etc.

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Our selection of skull models includes adult-sized models that consist exclusively of bone tissue that is not colored, models with colored skull bones, models with soft parts such as blood vessels and muscles, fetal skulls and skull models for e.g. parties and decorations. All the models show the many bones that make up the skull. From the mandible, maxilla, os zygomaticum, os lacrimale and the rest of the facial skeleton to the braincase, which is made up of bones such as the os frontale, os parietale, os occipitale, os temporale and os sphenoidale.

Among the skulls that only show bone tissue without colors, you will find this classic skull model in the low price range, which covers most needs and is our best seller. You will also find skulls in higher price ranges targeted at professional groups such as medical students/medical students.

Some want skull models with educationally colored skull bones that also highlight the sutures. These models are mainly bought by Cranio-Sacral Therapists. Others want skull models showing the masticatory muscles (m. masseter, m. temporalis, m. pterygoideus lateralis and m. pterygoideus medialis) and/ facial muscles. We have some very different skulls that meet these needs.

Our fetal skulls, which some call children's skulls, show fontanelles and are mainly bought by osteopaths and Cranio-Sacral Therapists. Our skulls for parties, decorations and more stand out and meet more special needs. That is why skulls are seen in miniature versions, transparent skulls and skull models with a particularly realistic expression, such as Hamlet skulls.