Collection: Throat models

Anatomical models of the throat come in many varieties, sizes and number of parts. WE have collected the best models from a wide range to cover needs such as mobility, mobility and price.

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3 throat models/neck models primarily show the throat/larynx (larynx) with laryngeal cartilage, laryngeal muscles, vocal folds (plicae vocales), the epiglottis, the 2 joints called articulatio cricothyroidea and articulatio cricoarytenoidea as well as the transition to the windpipe (trachea). On 2 of the neck models, the thyroid gland (gl. thyroidea), one or more of the parathyroid glands (glandulae parathyroidea) and vascular and nerve supply can also be seen. On the 2 latter models, the throat (pharynx) can be seen, although it is not defined.

The larynx model at the highest price is, unlike the other 2, movable in the joints of the larynx and can thus be used to understand how the length, tension and mutual distance of the vocal cords are regulated.

A larynx model/neck model can be used to understand many disorders such as epiglottitis, vocal cord polyps, goiter, laryngeal edema and cancers. Furthermore, the throat model can be used to understand examination methods such as laryngoscopy and treatments such as throat surgery. If the joints of the throat are flexible on the model, it can also be used to demonstrate movements.