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Poster about "triggerpoint pain patterns" in English 2

Poster about "triggerpoint pain patterns" in English 2


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Poster about trigger points developed by Travell & Simons laminated and with two ring holes at the top.

This poster is based on the 3rd edition of the Travel and Simons books and omits the x's on the muscles.

The motifs on this poster are extremely widespread and appreciated by practitioners worldwide. The posters illustrate the relationship between a pain and the respective muscle/muscles where the treatment must take place, cf. Travell & Simons.

The motifs are identical to the motifs used in the 3rd Edition of the books and the larger poster set under the same subject.

The poster shows:

  • Back and stomach pain

  • Pelvic and hip pain

  • Hip, thigh and knee pain

  • Leg, ankle and foot pain

  • Treatment

See also the supplementary poster in the same series, here in the category.

Description from the publisher:

The revised charts are based on the illustrations and approach to the third edition of Travell, Simons & Simons' Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, updated by Joseph M. Donnelly. The exclusion of the former "X's" is explained in the book's preface as follows:

"Finally, and of particular importance, this edition removes the 'X's' from the illustrations of referred symptom (pain) patterns. Current evidence supports the need to examine the entire muscle for the presence of a tight band, spot tenderness, and referred symptoms (pain) for to diagnose the presence of TrPs. It is also recognized that these referenced symptom illustrations are guidelines and that any part of the muscle can create all or part of the referenced symptom (pain) patterns. The Third Edition of The Trigger Point Manual is a testimony to the pioneering work of Janet G. Travell, David G. Simons, and Lois S. Simons in the field of TrPs and myofascial pain, this comprehensive Trigger Point manual was designed and written with the patients we serve at the forefront of every decision. The intent of this edition of The Trigger Point Manual is to facilitate practice, support education, and inspire clinical and scientific research in the field of TrPs, myofascial pain, and other musculoskeletal syndrome diagnoses. This Trigger Point Manual is also designed to assist clinicians in clinical decision-making and in the management of patients and individuals presenting with painful and non-painful conditions that result in activity and participation limitations."

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