Collection: Advanced Anatomy Posters

Our advanced posters are anatomy posters that cover complete anatomical systems, designed with an emphasis on a complete and visual overview combined with logical nomenclature optimized for serious anatomy studies.

We currently offer two anatomy posters in our advanced poster series, both of which, with their individual characteristics, deal with the musculoskeletal system at a professional level. Both anatomy posters are unique and advanced compared to any other offering on the market and especially designed to give a uniquely logical and complete overview of the musculoskeletal system. The posters are popular among medical,  physiotherapist and radiology students as well as healthcare professionals.

The EA5 poster

Introducing the ultimate muscle poster anno 2023 designed to educate by eAnatomi / Anatomic Aesthetics.

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The EA1 poster

Created for medical students - relevant to anyone who wants to learn muscles, bones and joints with correct nomenclature and detailed visual guidance.

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  • EA1 poster without comparison

    3 years in the making. The EA1 poster is unlike any other anatomy poster ever printed. Good things take time.

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  • Medical student reviews EA1

    They have just passed their anatomy exam and were completely shocked to see the entire cirriculum (except vessels and nerves) gathered in one place...

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  • EA5 is simply definitive

    Knowing what it takes to create something completely new in a field of interest that never seems to change is not done quickly.

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