Anatomical Posters 2.0

Anatomic Aesthetics is an original anatomical brand owned by eAnatomi, which builds on almost 20 years of experience in the market for anatomical teaching materials.

Anatomic Aesthetics

Our mission

Our mission is to design and market new and original anatomical products with exceptional standards of usability and aesthetics. Our mission is also to become one of the most highly recommended producers of anatomical resources worldwide. Our products are what we call Anatomical Design 2.0 - designed for the modern era.

What we do

Anatomic Aesthetics creates original anatomical illustrations that are used in many different ways and products, including posters, other printed materials, design objects, electronic files and more. All of our work is rooted in our admiration and quest to understand and visualize anatomy. The products in our range are developed either on our own initiative or in collaboration with partners or customers to cover a specific need. We employ skilled anatomical illustrators and collaborate with highly skilled manufacturing companies and healthcare professionals. Many of our printed products are translated into local nomenclature such as German and Latin, Danish and Latin and English, etc. This localization increases the value and usability and expands the reach of the products.

Based on our original illustrations, we create products that facilitate a learning curve, e.g. when all the names of the skeletal muscles have to be learned, and do this with aesthetics in mind. All products serve this purpose, but while some product lines have come to life from a focus on the learning curve, such as our Academic Poster Series, others are based on aesthetics, such as our Anatomical Art Poster Series.
We are constantly working to expand our selection of original products that are in line with our mission.

Original + customized

"Anatomic Aesthetics is dedicated to designing new and aesthetic anatomical products. We design both ready-made products that you can purchase in our store online and we design custom products based on our customers' requests. Contact us today to add Anatomic Design 2.0 to your interior design and communication material."

Christian Birksø

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