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eAnatomi designs its own muscle posters and also imports muscle charts from other countries. We therefore sell posters with the muscular system in pure Latin and Danish as well as English. You will find the muscle posters in different sizes and with different motifs. Some muscle overviews give a complete overview and all the body's muscles, while others focus more on a simple overview of superficial muscles.

The muscle poster EA5

Then it suddenly became easier to learn the names of the muscles in pure Latin and Danish, know the grouping of the muscles and at the same time have a complete visual overview. Introducing the ultimate muscle poster in 2023, designed by eAnatomy.

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Muscle posters have been a permanent part of every treatment room within physiotherapy and manual therapy for close to 100 years. In 1947, the Anatomical Chart Company in the United States created a muscle poster in collaboration with a talented illustrator named Peter Bachin. The muscle poster has since then been the most widespread muscle poster and at eAnatomy we call it the 'classic muscle poster'. Since eAnatomy came into existence in 2004, one goal has been to create original posters. eAnatomi realized in 2022, a newly conceived muscle poster, which makes up for the shortcomings that the classic muscle poster, despite its popularity, also came with. We call our muscle poster EA5 - the ultimate muscle poster.

So which muscle poster is best?
There is the question of style and there is the question of usability, pedagogical and learning value. We have no doubt that the classic muscle poster still has its merits, with its historic design and detailed illustrations, but if we compare it with EA5 - the ultimate muscle poster, the differences and shortcomings become clear. You can read more about EA5 and the comparison on this page.