Collection: Anatomical posters

Anatomy posters have been sold by eAnatomi since 2004 when the company was founded. Muscle posters, skeleton posters with pure Latin or English are among the many different posters we offer. We also design our own posters in Danish and Latin over e.g. the muscular system.

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eAnatomi also offers anatomy posters in Danish and Latin, such as our poster about the musculoskeletal system. If you are looking for the best poster about the vascular system or the nervous system, we also have a good selection. also designs and produces anatomical posters in our development department. WE have, among other things, designed posters dealing with the vascular system, blood clots, bones and muscles. Several anatomy posters have been designed in collaboration with companies for use in patient education, other posters have been designed for use in anatomy studies in higher education such as physiotherapist training or medical training.