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Skeleton foot with ligaments and tendons

Skeleton foot with ligaments and tendons

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This model illustrates the skeleton of the foot as well as the muscles of the lower leg that attach to the bones of the foot. The model also illustrates some of the retinacles found on the foot, and can therefore be used to understand the course of the tendons from the lower leg down to the foot.

The model is produced in natural size, weighs 0.9 kg, and is delivered on a white stand, from which the model can be removed, so that the underside of the foot can be seen.

The individual structures of the model are not numbered, but when purchasing the model, a product manual is included, in which the names of the structures appear.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows all bones in the foot, as well as the lower part of the two lower leg bones - the tibia and the fibula.

The following of the muscles of the lower leg are illustrated on the model, with their tendons of insertion:

M. flexor digitorum longus, M. tibialis posterior, M. flexor hallucis longus and M. soleus (all part of the flexor joint of the lower leg)
M. peroneus longus and brevis (fibular tendon of the lower leg)
M. extensor hallucis longus, M. extensor digitorum longus, M. tibialis anterior (part of the extensor log of the lower leg)
M. extensor hallucis brevis

The model also shows two of the retinacles of the lower leg - the inferior extensor retinacle and the superior fibular retinacle, which are some transverse tendon lines under which the tendons pass from the lower leg down to the foot.

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Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model is ideal for gaining an understanding of diseases and disorders that affect the bones of the foot as well as the insertion tendons from the muscles.

For example, Achilles tendon rupture, bone fractures, luxations (joint slips in e.g. the toe joints) and foot deformities such as metatarsus varus and hallux valgus (big toe bunion) and hammer toe.

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