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Model of the skeleton of the foot and a bit of the tibia and calf

Model of the skeleton of the foot and a bit of the tibia and calf

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This extremely simple foot model shows the foot and some of the bones of the lower leg in life size. The model includes the ossa sesamoidea (sesame bones).

Anatomical features

Anatomically speaking, the foot model shows a bit of the shin bone (tibia), a bit of the calf bone (fibula) and the entire foot (pedis) with its 26 bones. Therefore, the model only shows bones and joints. The level of detail is high, and you can see the sesame bones, for example.

Product flexibility

In terms of movement, the model is not flexible. The bones are held together by steel wire so that the foot always has the same fixed shape. You can only make a full movement in the ankle joint

(the talocrural joint between the lower leg bones and the root of the foot).

You can, however, make weak jerks in other joints, even if it is not a full movement at all.

The model can therefore only be used to demonstrate the angular movement of the foot joint called

"plantarflexion-dorsiflexion" because this movement is primarily performed in the ankle joint.

Clinical features

Clinically, this model is ideal for understanding many types of ankle fractures, metatarsal fractures and toe fractures.

It is also ideal for understanding luxations (slip joints) and foot deformities such as flat feet, club feet, metatarsus varus, hallux valgus (big toe bunion), hallux rigidus and hammer toe.

The model can perhaps also be used to understand disorders such as osteoarthritis in the foot (arthrosis) and rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis).

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