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Complete and detailed muscle model of the head and neck which is cut in half

Complete and detailed muscle model of the head and neck which is cut in half

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If you are looking for a detailed muscle model of the head and neck, which shows both muscles and the interior, we would highly recommend this detailed and educational model.

It is produced in natural size, and the dimensions are 22 x 18 x 46 cm.

It weighs approximately 1 kg and is delivered on a removable stand.

Virtually all anatomical structures on the model are numbered at a high level of detail, and a comprehensive overview has been prepared with their names in Latin and several other languages.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows the facial muscles, some of the masticatory muscles, almost all the muscles of the neck (superficial and deep) as well as a few superficial back muscles.

Nothing is removable and joints are not movable.

Furthermore, the model shows the different tissues from the skull cap at the top to the throat at the bottom. They include i.a. brain tissue, the skull and other bones, arteries & veins, nerves and a salivary gland.

Educational and exciting details are, for example, these:

The differences of the facial muscles and their characteristic fiber directions
The special role of the hyoid bone in relation to the muscles of the throat
The various parts of the pharynx, concha bones in the nasal cavity, sinuses and other cavities
The connection between the brain and the spinal cord

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Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model can be used to understand a great many disorders, because it includes many different anatomical regions. It can be, for example, facial paresis, skull fracture, nasal polyps, cervical disc herniation and tumors (mentioned in random order).

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