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Anatomical model of vertebrae illustrating osteoporosis vs healthy bone tissue

Anatomical model of vertebrae illustrating osteoporosis vs healthy bone tissue

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This anatomical model shows a detailed cast of two vertebrae from the thoracic region (T12), respectively. with and without osteoporosis, which rests on two discs and part of the corpus for T11. The two T12 vertebrae can be split in two and the entire model is supplied with a white plastic stand on which an illustration shows the difference between the spongy tissue and with and without osteoporosis.

The model is ideal for patient explanation and general education in what osteoporosis is and how the condition affects bone strength.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the left part of the model illustrates a rendering of T11 and T12 including disc, with visible effect of osteoporosis. On the right, for comparison, the same vertebrae and disc, but in a healthy state.

The T12 vertebrae can be split in two, where the left part of the vertebrae body is held by small magnets and can be removed.

The illustration on the white stand was obtained via 3D micro-CT and illustrates the clear difference in the density of the trabeculae in the cancellous tissue.

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Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model is ideal for explaining and illustrating changes in the bone tissue as a result of osteoporosis. The model makes it easy to illustrate the consequences of osteoporosis, such as decreased density in the bone tissue, changes in bone mass in the form of cheesy phytes and collapse of both the vertebral body and the invertebral discs as a result of the condition.

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