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Poster about the joints of the lower extremity in English

Poster about the joints of the lower extremity in English

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The poster was developed in collaboration with a professor of anatomy. It is called: "Joints of the Lower Extremities Anatomical Chart" and is designed to provide an anatomical overview targeted at health professionals. The intention is that it should enable them to explain conditions and injuries that occur in their patients or clients.

For example, chiropractors, massage therapists, general practitioners and orthopedic surgeons will thus be able to benefit from it in their work.

The images show bones, ligaments, muscles, arteries and nerves. The pictures show the hip seen from the front and the back, the knee seen from the front, from the back and from both sides, and the ankle joint and the foot seen from both sides.

Note that the poster can be delivered in different materials;

Paper for framing - This variant is intended for framing and can be advantageously framed in one of our specially designed frames that fit exactly to size 51 x 66 cm

Laminated and without ring holes - Lamination rings surround the entire poster with a 5 mm edge and therefore make the poster completely water-resistant and durable. It is possible to use white markers without damaging the poster. 51 x 66 cm + 5 mm lamination edge

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