En anatomi plakat ulig nogen anden - EA1 bevægeapparatets anatomi

An anatomy poster unlike any other - EA1 anatomy of the musculoskeletal system

EA1 anatomy of the musculoskeletal system poster

Designed for medical students, but highly relevant for anyone studying anatomy and especially the musculoskeletal system.

A different anatomy poster throughout

3 years in the making. The EA1 poster is unlike any other anatomy poster ever printed. The poster covers bones, muscles and ligaments in a brilliant and educational way. The poster is designed for the uncompromising professional or student, as it has all the relevant details and has been quality assured by several experts. It fits above a desk, in the consultation room or simply in the living room.
Above all, the poster exudes professionalism and modernity.


The first version of the poster contains common Latin and Danish layman terms. Many other local language versions for specific regions are also available such as Swedish and Latin, Norwegian and Latin, German and Latin and English.

Use and content

The best way to describe the EA1 poster is as an atlas of human anatomy at a glance. It can be used to study or refresh the anatomy of the human musculoskeletal system or simply as scientific art for your wall. During the development of the poster, we prioritized overview, logical grouping and the use of Latin in combination with local layman terms.
  • skeletal muscle groups
  • the origin and attachment of the skeletal muscles
  • osseous landmarks
  • joints and ligaments
It has been developed over many years in collaboration with medical students, medical artists and didactic specialists at eAnatomy.
Close-up from EA1 Anatomy of the musculoskeletal system


The poster has been reviewed and recommended by Professor Jørgen Olsen, administrator for the Course in Head, Neck, the Locomotor System and the Peripheral Nervous System at the Panum Institute of Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark.

User Involvement: After half a year on the market, we decided to collect experiences from those who use the poster to become even better at what we do. We therefore asked both our customers and a group of medical students what they thought of the poster.

" This particular poster undoubtedly landed at just the right time and went down particularly well with my boyfriend, who otherwise - back in February - was sweating a bit over his newly started life as a physiotherapist student. Today, he uses it diligently when he has to study terps anatomy at the desk in our little home, and otherwise it is also just a frequent topic of conversation when we throw ourselves on the bed and marvel at man from the outside to the inside."
- Anna

"In addition to being a good tool for the professional, the poster is quite good for the patient to give a good insight into what kind of structures, muscles, adhesions etc. are being worked with."
- Anne-Marie, physiotherapist

"With many anatomy posters, you have the feeling that they have done it nicely, so that it is illustrative, when on the other hand it is not anatomically correct. When you see such, you never fully trust what is written . There is no doubt about that here."
- Mille, medical student
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