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Anatomical torso models include all the internal organs of the body. Torso models / organ mannequins, with many removable parts, are ideal for teaching anatomy at all levels.

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In our selection of torso models (also called organ mannequins / organ models / torsos / dolls) you can choose between 2 reduced models (also called mini torso / micro torso) as well as a lot in life size. The lowest mini torso/micro torso measures 26 cm in height. There are also significant differences in which anatomical structures they show, as well as which and how many organs can be removed. For example, some organ dolls excel by showing both female and male genitalia, while other organ models give a unique insight into the internal structures of the back, such as the spinal cord and meninges. Furthermore, the range includes 2 advanced torsos based on MRI technology.

Torso models are mainly used for understanding anatomy but also clinical aspects such as diseases, examinations and treatment.

Anatomically, a torso model includes many anatomical structures. With a torso at hand, you can at least study most of the body's major organs and tissues. This includes the brain, heart, lungs, digestive system with the liver, gall bladder and pancreas, spleen, kidneys and adrenal glands, major blood vessels and perhaps the genitals.

The different organ models differ in several ways: price, height, general material quality, number of removable parts and the amount/quality of specific details (anatomical structures).

Our best-selling organ dolls cost between DKK 500 and DKK 5,000 (incl. VAT). For example, if you want an organ dummy in this price range that shows as many neuroanatomical structures as possible in the brain, you should choose an organ model that is produced with a brain that can be separated into many parts. However, this will mean that the torso does not show all other organ systems/organs/tissues with as much detail - unless you choose a torso model in a significantly higher price range.

Even if 2 organ dummies cost the same, you can often find differences in the small anatomical details they show. This could be, for example, details of the small and large intestine, skeletal muscle or bone tissue.

In 2018, we have made a comparison of our best-selling torsos, comparing them on parameters such as price, number of removable parts and the quantity/quality of specific details (anatomical structures). The comparison of the dolls can be seen via THIS LINK

Clinically, a torso model/organ manikin/organ model/torso/manikin can be used to understand disease, although torsos are most often given a central place in basic anatomy teaching in the classroom, in first aid teaching, in biology teaching and elsewhere.

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