Collection: Veterinary models

eAnatomy is a supplier of real animal skeletons, skulls and loose bones and plastic models. Dog skeletons, cat skeletons, horse skulls, dog skulls etc. are normally stock items and the delivery time may vary. If you have special wishes, you are welcome to send an inquiry and we will see if we can provide it.

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Read more about the product category here supplies dog skeletons, dog skulls, cat skulls and horse skeletons and horse skulls both in real bones and molded in plastic.

We collaborate with professional conservators on the supply of carefully produced real bone models, which are most often acquired from animal hospitals and private donors.

Plastic models of e.g. a dog skull, will be cheaper to acquire and include the vast majority of anatomical details, but not all.

A complete horse skeleton, available only on pre-order. The process is long and the work of preparing the bones and then collecting them takes several weeks of work. Add to that the logistical challenge of delivering the skeleton safely and you have the explanation for the high price and long delivery time.

If you are looking for a veterinary model / anatomical animal model that is not on our website, you can always contact us and we will try to obtain it.