Betagende mini torso med 14 udtagelige dele, muskler og kønsløs

Stunning mini torso with 14 removable parts, muscles and sexless

Stunning mini torso with 14 removable parts, muscles and sexless
1st display in the assortment:
1) Price : DKK 625 (incl. VAT)
2) Size : 26 cm in height and weighs approximately 0.8 kg
3) Removable parts : 14 pcs. many of which are held in place by very small and discreet magnets
4) Color, stand, material quality and inclusive/exclusive list of names
Apart from the skin, which just looks like shiny rubber, the other colors are very bright, fresh and shiny. The color of the lungs is even overwhelming (almost pink). The stand is an approximately 2 cm thick and very nice wooden plate in oak, which measures approx. 11 x 11 cm. The edges are even sharpened.
In relation to the unusual size of the model, the material quality seems good and solid in all tissues, but as a whole the torso model expresses a collection of trinkets. By this we mean that the manufacturer decoratively illustrates the surface of the organs very precisely and nicely but almost nothing else. For example, neither the heart, the large intestine nor a kidney can be studied internally.
No name list targeting the anatomical structures of the torso model is included.
5) Anatomical details (mentioned from the top of the model downwards in the following 4 groups)
I - The musculoskeletal system (bones, cartilage, ligaments, fascia and skeletal muscles)
Of bones the skullcap is seen without details and the base of the skull with some bony projections and only some of the holes for the passage of vessels and nerves. At the right shoulder, the clavicle, shoulder height and shoulder crest are seen in one piece of bone (with attachment of skeletal muscles). At the open and cut through chest wall, the ribs and clavicles can be seen in cross section. In the pelvis, the iliac crests are visible.
Cartilage is shown in blue on the nose, in the throat and on the trachea. Ligaments and fascia are not visible.
Skeletal muscles seen in the right side of this model, while the left side is shown with skin. In relation to the unusual size of the model, the scale is large and the level of detail impressively high. Various superficial muscles of the face, neck, shoulder, back and back of the hip/beginning of the thigh can be identified very easily. In addition, few pectoral and abdominal muscles can be identified.
II – Blood vessels (arteries and veins), nerves and the lymphatic system as well as other things such as salivary glands
Only the very largest arteries and veins are included. They are seen in the throat, chest cavity and abdomen. The beginning of the branching to the legs is also seen.
The blood supply of the brain and the intestinal system is not shown. Branching of blood vessels, on the other hand, is very clear and dominant in the lungs and outside the heart.
Nothing from the nervous system or the lymphatic system is included. As for the salivary glands, only the large parotid gland is visible (the mouth cannot be opened).
III – Internal organs (grouped)
The brain : The whole brain can be taken out and split in 2. The shape (but not the color) is fairly realistic. It is very small, yet many neuroanatomical structures are seen. You can easily see the overall division into cerebrum, cerebellum and brainstem. In the cerebrum (telencephalon and diencephalon), the 1st - 4th cerebral lobes as well as the thalamus and hypothalamus (and the pituitary gland) are primarily seen. In the cerebellum, both the tonsilla and vermis are seen. The cranial nerves are seen in the brainstem, and with
good will, you can sense the 3 different parts (the midbrain, the brainstem and the medulla oblongata). Other structures such as the brain stem, fornix and the first 2 cranial nerves are also seen.
Chest cavity organs : The heart can be taken out but not opened. It measures 3 x 3.5 cm, and on the surface you can see the heart's blood supply in typical red and blue color as well as larger blood vessels to and from the heart. Both lungs can be split in 2 and held together by discrete magnets. You can see the division into lobes, the marbled surface, the root of the lung and the branching of the bronchi, arteries and veins. The esophagus and thoracic aorta can be removed in one piece. The surface of the esophagus appears muscular and its passage through the diaphragm is evident. The middle floor is thin and can also be removed.
Abdominal organs : The stomach can be taken out but not opened.
Duodenum , the pancreas and the spleen can be removed in one piece. In the pancreas, the ductus pancreaticus and the organ's relation to large blood vessels can be seen. A small green spot is seen on the wall of the duodenum, which probably symbolizes the papilla duodeni major. In addition, a small opening (3 x 6 mm) is made into the lumen of the duodenum, and the folds (plicae circulares) are gently palpated.
Liver and gall bladder can be removed in one piece. Larger blood vessels and ligaments/peritoneal folds are seen. The small intestine (the remaining part) as well as most of the colon can be taken out in one piece. On the colon see the appendix vermiformis and the three characteristics: Haustra coli, taeniae coli and appendices epiploicae.
Kidneys and adrenal glands cannot be taken out or opened, but the ureters can be seen very clearly.
The urinary bladder cannot be taken out, but its interior and wall are seen, because only half of the organ is shown.
The beginning of the rectum felt behind the urinary bladder.
Genitalia is not included at all.
IV – The sensory organs: Skin, eyes and ear-nose-throat
The skin seems artificial and rubbery. Seen without hair and the like.
The eyes are uninteresting. The pupil, the iris and the sclera are painted on.
The ears, nose and throat is closed. 2 former are uninteresting. The neck is seen with the front part
of the throat, thyroid gland and blood vessels on the front.

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