Collection: Dog (canis domesticus)

Anatomical models of the dog include plastic dog skeletons and models of primary organs of clinical relevance such as the heart and ear. eAnatomy can also provide real bones provided by skilled conservators.

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Our assortment of dog models is part of our category of animal models. The range of models of dogs is very varied - from complete dog skeletons to dog ears and knees. The range is aimed at anyone with an interest in a dog - for example vets, veterinary students and others related to veterinary medicine. The dog models are also intended for a dog therapist, dog psychologist, dog behaviorist and a dog behavior trainer.

The complete dog skeleton can be bought both in plastic and in real bones. Dog skeletons are always sold together and with a stand. In addition, special conditions apply regarding the real skeletons of dogs. Conditions such as deals with delivery time, laws and variation.

As for the dog's skeleton, the range also includes dog skulls, the dog's jaw with the complete set of teeth, a complete dog leg as well as joint models of the dog's shoulder, elbow and knee with ligaments (ligaments).

The range also includes a model of a dog's heart, a dog's heart with a so-called heartworm and a dog's ear. The latter model of the dog's ear shows both the anatomy and diseases/disorders.