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Exclusive and complete model of DNA presented on a rotating stand

Exclusive and complete model of DNA presented on a rotating stand

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This exclusive model shows B-DNA based on data from X-ray diffraction studies.

The model weighs 1 kg and the dimensions are 18 x 18 x 41.5 cm (length x width x height). It has been developed in collaboration with i.a. professors. The model is delivered assembled on a stand which can be rotated.

Chemically speaking , the model shows the molecules that make up DNA. These molecules are nucleotides, which consist of 3 parts:

  • Nitrogen-containing bases that occur in 4 variants in DNA.

They are adenine bases (A), thymine bases (T), cytosine bases (C) and guanine bases (G).

  • Pentose (deoxyribose molecules)
  • Phosphate groups

All these molecules are shown in different colors. Furthermore, the model shows B-DNA, which is the most common double helix structure in nature. As in Watson and Crick's 1953 model, the 2 DNA strands twist around a common axis in the right-handed double helix structure.

The model offers a special opportunity to see DNA in the three-dimensional structure with, among other things, "grooves", which are essential for function (replication, transcription, etc.).

Clinically, the model can be used to understand diseases, although the model is most suitable for admiring and studying the structure of DNA.

An example of a disease is sickle cell anemia due to a mutation.

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