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Practical and simplified model showing narrowing of the airways in COPD

Practical and simplified model showing narrowing of the airways in COPD

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This model shows different stages of airway narrowing in COPD before and after medical treatment.

The model weighs approximately 0.2 kg and the dimensions are 15 x 11 x 8 cm. The model shows 4 cut surfaces/pieces which can be rotated in relation to each other but not separated. The model is delivered on a stand (white plastic sheet).

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows 4 cross-sections of a bronchus (airway) from a lung, where the consequences of COPD are illustrated. The 4 sections show cross-sections of the lumen (where the air passes) and the bronchial wall with the mucosa closest to the lumen and musculature.

The following is illustrated on the model (mentioned from lower to upper cut surface):

1st section: Normal lumen, mucosa and musculature in the bronchial wall
2nd incision: Irritated condition with constriction, increased mucus production, swollen mucosa and slightly thickened musculature
3rd incision: Permanent narrowing (obstruction) with increased mucus production and more difficult swelling of the mucous membrane as well as increased thickening of the musculature
4th cut surface: Expansion of the lumen after medical treatment

Although not explained on the model or in the accompanying overview, COPD involves an increased presence of mucus-producing cells, more mucus-producing glands, enlarged muscle cells, and infiltration of the mucosa with cells characteristic of inflammation.

In COPD, different degrees of chronic bronchitis and emphysema (pulmonary emphysema) are seen at the same time.

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Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model has been developed for understanding the tissue changes in COPD.

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