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Anatomical Chart Company - changes the format

In 1947, the illustrator Peter Bachin became the man behind the illustrations for what is today the world's best-selling muscle poster:

classic muscle poster from the anatomical chart company
The Anatomical Chart Company has, since the last century, had an anatomical series of posters published in the American measurement of 20x26 inches, which translates to 50.8x66 cm. The posters have covered all the common anatomical systems in the body and areas of clinical relevance. From the digestive system, the muscular system, the vascular system, etc. to posters on sports knee injuries, dermatomes and back injuries. The entire series has been sold by for nearly two decades and the formats are numerous and extensive.
During the period, the Anatomical Chart Company has offered their posters in several variants which include;

Paper - suitable for framing
Lightly laminated with ring holes - for easy hanging
3D relief - where the printer is on plastic with intaglio printing that emphasizes structures and thus creates a 3D effect
Styrene plastic / hard plastic with ring holes - a strong variant printed on 3 mm thick plastic with metal holes for hanging, easy to work and hangs nicely on the wall
Giant formats - the muscular system and the skeletal system are available in this format where the width measures more than 100 cm and the height around 150 cm.
In 2023, the paper version will be phased out
The Anatomical Chart Company has decided in 2023 to phase out the paper variant and in future only deliver the lightly laminated version with ring holes.
This means that it will no longer be possible to buy paper posters for framing, which, as the only manufacturer in Europe, has ensured was possible, with specially adapted frames that were exclusively produced for the purpose.
From now on, variants will be simplified to include the lightly laminated variant with ring holes, just like many of the other variants, will be discontinued or replaced with new motifs when the titles are published in new versions.
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Alternatively, consider breaking new ground and choosing posters from our new Anatomic Aesthetics range, which are not only beautiful, but also frameable without an expiry date;
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