Our work

From idea to product

1) Development of products based on customer orders & wishes

2) Development of products based on own initiative & ideas

In the case of enquiries, we can help both if it concerns a new thought, a concrete idea or a desire to improve an existing product on the market. We develop products in both clinical perspectives (e.g. focusing on blood clots) and non-clinical (e.g. focusing on descriptive anatomy). We work with exciting problems from the simplest to the very complicated.

It is not possible to present a fixed formula for the approach, because the process is always dynamic and situational. This most often includes elements such as help from business partners (including illustrators) and a focus on the risk that others may copy the product.

The price is set when the most important factors such as estimated time consumption and use of business partners are in place in the preparation phase.

Pedagogy as foundation and steering tool

Copy of hand 4.png

The sciences have long ago described the human anatomy, and today we are all getting smarter and smarter about diseases, genes/symptoms and possible treatments. When all this is described and illustrated in the public space, it is done in different ways and from different angles. Something less educational than others.

At Anatomic Aesthetics, we are passionate about the educational aspect. Therefore, pedagogy is the foundation and the "steering wheel" in our development department. In this presentation, we will not reveal our "recipes and secret ingredients", because Asia in particular is extremely fast and efficient in the art of copying.

When you contact us, we open the doors with soaring enthusiasm and welcome you into our engine room, where pedagogy is carefully accompanied by professional vanity, thoroughness and a focus on aesthetics in the design and expression of the product.