Inspiring teaching

If you teach anatomy, you most likely share our enthusiasm and fascination for the world of anatomy and want to share it. With anatomical models and posters, your teaching gets a tangible dimension that inspires interaction and curiosity, which ultimately increases fascination and creates better learning among students.

The bone box

The locomotor system?

Especially among medicines. and physiotherapy students, the bone box is absolutely indispensable. eAnatomy has therefore created a bone box, with unique advantages, which make the study of the musculoskeletal system more exciting and educational.

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Posters about the musculoskeletal system

Fantastic posters

eAnatomi has spent many years and resources developing the best anatomical posters about e.g. the musculoskeletal system. The posters are used today among students and educational institutions at home and abroad.

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anatomical models

The whole body

eAnatomy has collected a wide and exciting assortment of anatomical models and posters that cover the whole body etc. If there is something we don't have on the website, we have access to the entire world market and can get it.

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Upgrade your education today

Whether you want to upgrade your teaching with a single new skeleton or whether the entire classroom needs to be equipped with a new arsenal of models and posters that cover the whole body, we are ready to help.

Contact us today for a no-obligation chat about the possibilities.

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