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eAnatomi.dk is your supplier of anatomical models and posters. We have a range made up of our own original products, developed in Denmark and products from international manufacturers. We also source what you might not find online.

We deliver exactly what you are looking for.

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Professionalism adds security
eAnatomi is one of Denmark's leading suppliers of anatomical models and posters for educational purposes in the Nordic region. We have trained staff and a high professional specialization that ensures a professional and safe process. With us, you get the right anatomical solution - adapted to your needs and your wallet.

In 2015, eAnatomi received the official 'Distributor Seal' from the worldwide manufacturer 3B Scientific, which recognizes our ability and willingness to provide solid customer service and deliver the highest turnover in Denmark of 3B Scientific products. The result is a broad, exciting and continuously optimized range of teaching materials from around the world.

Competent advice
Our high level of competence means that we can provide the best service on the market. We offer professional 360 degree customer advice every weekday, whether it is a student looking for a poster or a university looking to equip a complete anatomy room. We guide and recommend products by telephone, e-mail on the website.

eAnatomi raises the bar for quality anatomical products
By virtue of our exclusive development department, we are known as an innovative collaboration partner who, since 2004, has produced anatomical products based on special specialist skills. In the development department, we work according to the principle, 'only the best is good enough', and in collaboration with leading specialists, educators and pharmaceutical companies, we uncompromisingly develop products that raise the bar for the anatomical quality level.