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Our digital anatomical illustrations are targeted at teachers and practitioners who wish to use legally produced and aesthetic anatomical illustrations in e.g. teaching material, marketing and digital presentations such as websites and articles.

We have created a large number of our original illustrations as digital illustrations that you can access immediately after ordering. Many of the illustrations are also used in our anatomical posters, where the focus is on aesthetics, professionalism and pedagogy. We also offer illustration which is adapted to your wishes.

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Den røde tråd

Hos eAnatomi skaber vi originale anatomiske illustrationer, som vi tilbyder i både fysisk format, som f.eks. plakater samt i et digitalt format. Uanset format, følger vores arbejde samme æstetiske design og farvevalg.

Ved at tilbyde vores illustrationer i både print og digitalt, kan vores kunder skabe en rød tråd i deres visuelle identitet, som ikke bare er æstetisk, men også funktionel.

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eAnatomi has designed anatomical illustrations itself for over 10 years and therefore has a large catalog that we use in our work. Our illustrations can be used in many ways and while we offer them in the form of our original anatomical posters, we also offer our customers to use the illustrations digitally.

Any presentation that deals with anatomy and thus most often treatment, requires accurate and pedagogical tools. Add to that that aesthetics is a particularly valuable dimension of everything that is presented visually. For the same reason, it is important to e.g. a masseuse or physiotherapist who has a website and perhaps also writes professional articles, presents his work professionally and with the aforementioned values ​​and dimensions taken into account. That's why eAnatomi offers our original and unique illustrations as digital files that you can purchase access to and use in your work.

By using our original anatomical illustrations, you ensure legal access to the material and therefore do not have to risk downloading files from the internet which may be subject to copyright, just as you also do not have to be satisfied with disjointed illustrations, styles and thus the risk to appear unprofessional.

If you buy anatomical illustrations from eAnatomy, you get legal access to the material, which allows you to create a website, article or educational material where the design, expression and content express what you want.

eAnatomi can design and adapt existing designs to suit your style. You can also buy access to our existing catalog on this page.

  • Undervisning

    Benyt vores illustrationer i din anatomi undervisning og skab et professionelt og sammenhængende materiale.

  • Kommunikation

    Skab en æstetisk og visuel præsenation af din klinik og virksomhed med vores originale og licensbaserede anatomiske illustrationer.

  • Reklame

    Vores illustrationer kan benyttes til utallige kreative formål. Skab opmærksomhed på nye måder.

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