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eAnatomi supports anatomy students by offering discounts and special offers when you order together. Talk to your classmates about a joint order and contact us for an offer.

Created for you who study anatomy

Anatomy is both fascinating and complex and, in its study, makes great demands on a structured and systematic approach. For the same reason, eAnatomy has created some unique tools to help you achieve just this.

Become an eAnatomy ambassador

Do you want to spread the use of our fantastic products? Now you can represent eAnatomy at your school and become your school's own eAnatomy ambassador!

eAnatomi sells selected products which are targeted at anatomy students. To make the price and delivery time as attractive as possible, we are looking for ambassadors at all the country's schools where anatomy is taught, including e.g. medicine, physiotherapy, massage, occupational therapy etc.

What is the advantage?

- For you as an ambassador , you become him/her with access to fantastic anatomical products from eAnatomy - primarily our anatomy posters in Danish and Latin. You get free copies for yourself and are sure to be popular with your fellow students when you get them anatomical products with great benefits. We think it's pretty cool to be an eAnatomy ambassador!

- For your fellow students , they get the best prices when ordering through you, and they get a local eAnatomy ambassador to go to, instead of ordering online and therefore save the environment from unnecessary transport and packaging consumption.

Posters about the musculoskeletal system

Fantastic posters

eAnatomi has spent many years and resources developing the best anatomical posters about e.g. the musculoskeletal system. The posters create an overview and are structured with unique pedagogy and systematics, which make it easy for anatomy students to repeat e.g. muscle names. The posters include Danish and pure Latin with grouping cf. the textbooks. Quite simply brilliant, if we do say so ourselves.

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models for anatomy studies

Three dimensions

Studies in anatomy revolve around countless structures, from muscles, joints, to organs and cells. Some structures are significantly easier to understand in three dimensions. Take e.g. our heart model, which is popular with medical students who want a comprehensive understanding of chambers, vessels and topography. Here the difference between a photo and a physical presentation is beyond compare.

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anatomical models

Study-friendly sizes

eAnatomi has e.g. a small torso of 26 cm in height, with removable organs and even superficial musculature. The model encourages interaction, is detailed and attractive in terms of price. In addition, the model supports your learning, ready knowledge and acts as an engaging visual explanation model for oral presentations.

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