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Poster about the spine in English

Poster about the spine in English


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The spine poster is one of our most popular titles. The poster illustrates the normal anatomy of the spine.

Posters several illustrations which make up the following;

- Large illustration showing a lateral view of the spine with markings of the atlas and axis, cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae as well as the sacrum and coccyx.

- Detailed separate illustrations with multiple angles of;

- atlas and axis (C1 and C2)
- fifth cervical vertebra (C5)
- seventh (T7) and eleventh (T11) thoracic vertebra with intervertebral disc (disc)
- second lumbar vertebra (L2)
- the sacrum (sacrum)
- tailbone (coccygis)

The poster is 51x66 cm, laminated and without ring holes. Lamination rings surround the entire poster with a 5 mm edge and therefore make the poster completely water-resistant and durable. It is possible to use white markers without damaging the poster.

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