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7 heart models from the 5 groups of vertebrate animals in the highest quality

7 heart models from the 5 groups of vertebrate animals in the highest quality

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This is a package solution consisting of 7 heart models from the different groups of vertebrates (read more about this below).

The heart models are produced in SOMSO plastic by the manufacturer SOMSO, which is world-renowned for very high quality. This means quality materials, a sense of accuracy and longevity.

In other words: World-class craftsmanship.

Compared to the heart of animals, these heart models are quite a bit enlarged. Overall, they weigh 2.9 kg and each heart can be split in 2 so that the internal structures can be studied. The 7 animal hearts are delivered on separate stands with a green plate at the bottom.

Anatomically, you are presented with very realistic heart tissue. The smaller anatomical structures are complex to look at, and the colors of the various tissues are lifelike.

Generally speaking, the models show the different chambers, the heart's blood supply (arteries and veins), the valves and the difference in the valve systems, the beginning of the blood vessels that carry blood to and from the heart, as well as impressive details of the heart's structure (i.e. endo-, myo- and pericardium). .

Blood vessels are educationally colored in blue and red. Arrows are also drawn which illustrate the direction of the blood in the chambers of the heart. The impulse conduction system of animal hearts is not seen.

The 7 models show the heart from the following vertebrates:

1. Fish ( Esox lucius )
2. Frog ( Rana esculenta )
3. Tortoise ( Emys orbicularis )
4. Crocodile ( Crocodylus niloticus )
5. Bird (golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetos )
6. Dog ( Canis lupus familiaris )
7. Human ( Homo sapiens )

Vertebrates can be grouped in different ways. If they are divided into 5 groups, as, for example, the University of Copenhagen does , the groups consist of amphibians, birds, mammals, fish and reptiles. If so, this series of models shows an example of a heart from all the groups - but 2 from the group of reptiles (the turtle and the crocodile) and 2 from the group of mammals (the dog and the human).

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