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Advanced and flexible MRI torso with 24 cut surfaces presented on stands

Advanced and flexible MRI torso with 24 cut surfaces presented on stands

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This advanced torso model presents the tissues of the body from the top of the head to the beginning of the thighs in transverse/axial sections.

The model measures 90 cm in height and weighs approximately 12 kg. It shows 24 transversal/axial cross-sections, which are image-diagnostically produced by CT and MR scans in the healthcare system. It is delivered on a thick and dark brown plate. Furthermore, the most important anatomical structures are numbered on the different cut surfaces, and naming in many different languages ​​is included.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows the head, torso, shoulders and beginning of the thighs in transverse/axial sections (as slices). The cut surfaces show many different tissues such as bones, muscles, organs, blood vessels and nerves.

The model therefore makes it possible to see, for example, the location of organs in relation to each other, the location of skeletal muscles and cavities in the brain (ventricles).

Product flexibility

In terms of movement, the model is very flexible. It is possible to remove the discs. Furthermore, the discs can be rotated about their sagittal axis (see the images on the left).

Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model can be used to understand disorders that are related to the model's many tissues.

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