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True horse skull (Equus ferus caballus)

True horse skull (Equus ferus caballus)

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This is a real horse skull ( Equus ferus caballus ). It consists of approximately 37 individual bones without any movement. The quality is high and it appears very natural. The color is white, and the bone structure is lifelike with holes, cavities, etc. Furthermore, the set of teeth is usually complete.

Real horse skulls from eAnatomi are always of European origin. In addition, they are prepared by a professional conservator.

The length is typically around 50 cm. It must be emphasized that real horse skulls are unique. Therefore, there may be minor differences in size and anatomical details if you order 2 models at different times.

NB: Bolt hole in the forehead due to euthanasia is to be expected.

Ordering and delivery always take place in accordance with applicable laws and guidelines.

Delivery time may vary as delivery of real equine skulls is affected by the dynamics of supply and demand.

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