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Complete and separable model of the respiratory system with relationships to other organs

Complete and separable model of the respiratory system with relationships to other organs

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This complete model shows virtually the entire respiratory system with relationships to other organs such as the heart, esophagus and thyroid gland.

The dimensions of the model are 26 x 40 x 12 cm. It is delivered fixedly mounted on a stand (plastic sheet), but 6 parts can be removed.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows various organs from the tongue bone to the diaphragm. The model therefore shows the respiratory system/airways apart from the upper part of the pharynx as well as the mouth and nasal cavity.

The following 6 parts can be taken from the model:

A whole consisting of the hyoid bone, the laryngeal cartilages, a short part of the trachea, a short part of the esophagus as well as some associated muscles and the thyroid gland. This whole can be divided into 2

About half of each lung

The heart which can be divided into 2

Many anatomical details are seen, and these examples can be highlighted:

Possibility to see the laryngeal cartilages in relation to the trachea, esophagus and thyroid gland
Possibility to see the trachea, the division into main bronchi and the branching into lobe bronchi and segmental bronchi in the left lung
Blood vessels in the chest cavity (which are very detailed in the lungs and heart)
Divisible heart showing the 2 different valve systems (all 4 valves are visible), thicker muscular wall in the left ventricle and hint of differences in atria and ventricles inner surface
The entire diaphragm incl. the passage of blood vessels and esophagus

Product flexibility

Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model can be used to understand diseases in the lungs. Examples are blood clots in the lungs, pneumothorax, obstructive lung diseases, bronchiectasis and cancer of the lungs.

The model can also be used to understand disease elsewhere in the chest cavity and neck. Examples of heart disease are valvular disease, inflammation and blood clots.

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