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Model of the dural septa from the dura mater i.a. Falx cerebri

Model of the dural septa from the dura mater i.a. Falx cerebri

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This model shows the dural septa, which are duplicates from the inner layer of the dura mater encephali. These septa function i.a. as support structures for the brain.

They are made of a nice, light and transparent plastic, which is a bit flexible. They are supplied in a coherent unit (see the pictures on the left) and therefore allow for a better understanding of the venous sinus of the brain.

The following dural septa are seen:

  • Falx cerebri (cerebral seal)
  • Tentorium cerebelli (cerebellar tent)
  • Falx cerebelli (cerebellar seal)
  • Diaphragma sellae (which forms a lid over the hypophysial fossa)

The model can also be bought together with a skull, because it has been developed to be placed in it.

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