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Detailed model of the liver tissue and blood vessels in a microscopic perspective

Detailed model of the liver tissue and blood vessels in a microscopic perspective

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If you are looking for an educational liver model in a microscopic perspective, which both shows the organization of lobules as well as many details in a lobule, this model is ideal.

The entire model weighs 0.9 kg and measures 15 x 26 x 18.5 cm. The left part of the model is enlarged 60 times and the right part 200 times compared to the liver of an adult person. It is all delivered together on a white stand (plastic sheet).

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows liver tissue in 2 different parts, both of which provide a three-dimensional insight into the architecture of the liver tissue:

In the left part of the model, the tissue is enlarged 60 times. Here you can see the organization of the liver lobules, which are the six-sided prisms. Furthermore, the liver's bile ducts and blood vessels are seen in detail - i.a. the central vein and the Glissonian triads (portal triads)

In the right part of the model, the tissue is magnified 200 times. Here you can see part of a lobule with bile ducts and blood vessels, and how these are distributed in relation to the liver cells

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Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model can i.a. used to understand diseases where changes occur in the liver tissue. It can be, for example, cirrhosis ("shriveled liver"), where, histologically speaking, architecture and the presence of regeneration nodes have been abolished.

Other examples are acute and chronic hepatitis with changes such as inflammation and focal necrosis, NASH, liver abscess or liver tumors.

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