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Enlarged tongue model with papillae, 2 salivary glands and a bit of the lower jaw. Can be separated into several parts

Enlarged tongue model with papillae, 2 salivary glands and a bit of the lower jaw. Can be separated into several parts

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This model shows the tongue in detail with relationships to other tissues.

The model weighs 1.1 kg and measures 23 x 17 x 16 cm. Compared to the human tongue, it is enlarged. It can be separated into 3 parts and is delivered on a removable stand (plastic sheet).

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows a bit of the lower jaw with teeth, the entire tongue and 2 salivary glands. The tongue can be separated from the lower jaw and divided into 2.

The lower jaw bone (mandible) is shown with some of the corpus mandibulae, and on the inside the spina mentalis is seen. Furthermore, the 4 incisors, the 2 canines and the 4 small molars (premolar teeth) can be seen.

The tongue can be split in half, and therefore all the tongue muscles can be seen. Generally speaking, the tongue muscles are divided into internal and external muscles ("intrinsic and extrinsic"). On the tongue model, you can quickly identify muscles such as m. genioglossus, m. hyoglossus and m. styloglossus. The attachment of m. mylohyoideus is also very clearly seen.

On the upper side of the tongue (dorsum linguae/back of the tongue) the papillae of the tongue are visible, of which the papillae vallatae are very clearly visible. In addition, nerve supply, some blood vessels and the 2 salivary glands called glandula submandibularis and glandula sublingualis are seen (they are only seen on the right side). The underside of the tongue, on the other hand, is not visible.

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Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the tongue model can be used to understand disorders of the tongue. Examples are fissured tongue, infections and cancer.

See possibly also our detailed model of the tissue of the tongue in a microscopic perspective. On the model you can see i.a. taste buds, papillae of the tongue and the sensory supply of the tongue by the cranial nerves in detail. The model can be seen in the category "Microscopic Anatomy"

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