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Fetal doll with placenta and umbilical cord as well as visible chorion and amnion

Fetal doll with placenta and umbilical cord as well as visible chorion and amnion

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This model is a fetal doll with placenta and umbilical cord as well as chorion and amnion. Read more about all this in the anatomy section.

The model is mainly bought by midwives and midwifery students.

The model was developed in Germany more than 30 years ago. It is extremely widespread and is used in many places in Europe. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the design is educational and the materials are extremely durable.

The fetal doll has been developed for demonstration and teaching. The head is quite realistic with a circumference of 32 cm. It is made of hard plastic with glass eyes and clear fontanelles. The body is made of a resistant fabric filled with foam. It is very flexible with great mobility. The hands are equipped with buttons, so you can easily fold the entire doll and keep the legs in place. Furthermore, the umbilical cord can be mounted/detached via a button in the navel.

In relation to birth preparation and birth demonstration, the fetal doll is particularly suitable for use in combination with our pelvis model in hard plastic material, which shows the bones and joints in the woman's pelvis. The fetal doll can be pulled through the pelvis in different ways, while dealing with various issues such as for example the connecting lines of the pelvis (conjugata vera etc.). In the same way, the fetal doll can also be used together with our soft pelvis model in fabric and foam rubber.

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