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Flexible elbow model with ligaments

Flexible elbow model with ligaments

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This model shows the elbow joint with associated ligaments. The model is still produced in durable materials and constitutes our most attractive choice in terms of price. The ligaments are made of hard rubber and mounted with metal screws. The parts of the ulna and radius are fixed to the white plastic stand of 10x10 cm and cannot be removed unless two screws are removed from the bottom of the stand.

Anatomical features

Anatomically speaking, the elbow model shows part of the upper arm bone (humerus), part of the coil bone (radius) and part of the elbow bone (ulna). The bone structure is realistic, and therefore important "osseous landmarks" such as knots and depressions are visible. Wha. rubber, the model also shows the ligaments that belong to the elbow joint.

Product flexibility

In terms of movement, the joint model is flexible and can therefore be used to demonstrate elbow movements such as flexion.

Clinical features

Clinically speaking, this model is ideal for understanding fractures such as elbow fractures as well as supra- and intercondylar fractures. The model is of course also ideal for understanding joint slips (luxations), sprains and arthrosis (wear-and-tear arthritis).

The model may possibly also used to understand disorders such as tennis and golfer's elbow. If this is the purpose, we would instead recommend one of our elbow models with muscles.

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