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Hand model with ligaments and carpal tunnel contents

Hand model with ligaments and carpal tunnel contents

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If you are looking for a hand model with a focus on the carpal tunnel and the ligaments of the hand, this package solution is ideal.

The package solution consists of a hand model that shows the hand in natural size with ligaments and a small supplementary model that shows the carpal tunnel and its contents.

The whole thing weighs 0.28 kg and the dimensions are 30 x 14 x 10 cm. The hand model is delivered on a stand, where the small supplementary model is also mounted.

Anatomical features

Anatomically speaking, the model shows part of the radius (coil bone), part of the ulna (elbow bone), the whole hand (manus) and many ligaments which belong to the many joints of the hand. The model also shows the retinaculum flexorum and the membrana interossea antebrachii. Furthermore, the small supplementary model shows the carpal tunnel and contents in the form of the median nerve and tendons.

Product flexibility

In terms of movement, the joint model is not flexible, and therefore cannot be used to demonstrate the different movements of the hand. The retinaculum flexorum can be easily detached from the hand model, while the small supplementary model of the carpal tunnel with contents can be easily mounted on the hand model.

Clinical features

Clinically, this package solution is ideal for understanding carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). It can also be used to understand wrist tendinitis. Finally, it can also be used to understand luxation (joint slip), ligament injury, bone fracture and more.

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