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Highly detailed torso with 16 removable parts, open back and genderless

Highly detailed torso with 16 removable parts, open back and genderless

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If you are looking for a sexless torso model in life size with many details, where you can also see bones and nerves in the back, we highly recommend this model.

The model measures 85 cm in height and weighs approximately 9 kg. 16 parts can be removed and it is delivered on a white stand (plastic plate). A simple and laminated document in A4 size is included, where the model's numbered structures are named in English.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows the head, torso with ribcage, shoulders and the beginning of the thighs. No genitalia are visible.

From the head and torso the following 16 parts can be taken (mentioned from the top down):

Left hemisphere with left part of cerebellum and brainstem
Left eye with eye muscles
The heart, which can also be divided into 2
The half of each lung where the anterior rib and part of the sternum are attached
The stomach, which can also be divided into 2
The liver and gallbladder (in one piece)
The pancreas, duodenum and much of the colon (all in one piece)
The remaining part of the small intestine
The upper part of the large intestine (colon transversum)
A "flap" of the intestinal wall at the caecum can be lifted off so that the lumen is seen
Approx. half of the right kidney saw i.a. pith and bark are seen
Approx. half of the bladder
7th thoracic vertebra

The remaining part of the model (mentioned from the top downwards) primarily shows the base of the skull (left side), an outline of the opposite side of the brain, the left part of the mouth and nasal cavity which is open and the neck with the throat, thyroid gland & large blood vessels.

The remaining parts of the lungs, trachea, main bronchi, esophagus and diaphragm are seen in the chest cavity. In the abdominal cavity you can see muscles, the spleen, larger arteries & veins, kidneys, adrenal glands and ureters. There is also a hint of the iliac crest, the front of a lumbar vertebra, the sigmoid colon and the beginning of the rectum in the pelvis.

Furthermore, blood and lymphatic vessels can be seen in a small area on the front of the right thigh as well as the exposed back with vertebrae, nerves, blood vessels and musculature from the upper neck joint to the sacrum/coccyx.

A great many anatomical partial waists are seen, and these examples can be highlighted:

A cross-section of the oral and nasal cavity shows good details and musculature
Divisible heart showing the 2 different valve systems (all 4 valves are visible), thicker muscular wall in the left ventricle and hint of differences in atria and ventricles inner surface
An insight into the special tissues of the kidneys with cortex, medulla, renal pelvis and blood vessels
The unique opportunity to see the different tissues of the back from the spinal cord to the skin, as a vertebra can be removed

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Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model can be used to understand disorders that are related to the model's many tissues.

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