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Large model of DNA as a kit made up of educationally colored atoms

Large model of DNA as a kit made up of educationally colored atoms

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If you are looking for an educational DNA model with a focus on the molecular structure and structure, this impressive model is ideal.

The model weighs 5 kg and the height is approximately 45 cm.

The model must be assembled and delivered with a stand.

Chemically speaking , the model shows the molecules that make up DNA. These molecules are nucleotides, which consist of 3 parts:

  • Nitrogen-containing bases that occur in 4 variants in DNA.

They are adenine bases (A), thymine bases (T), cytosine bases (C) and guanine bases (G).

  • Pentose (deoxyribose molecules)
  • Phosphate groups

All these molecules are made up of atoms, which can be seen in educational colors on the model.

The model offers a special opportunity to both see molecules, atoms and the three-dimensional structure with chemical bonds and "grooves", which are crucial for function (replication, transcription, etc.).

Anatomical features

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Clinical features

Clinically, the model can be used to understand diseases, although the model is most suitable for studying the chemical structure of DNA.

An example of a disease is sickle cell anemia due to a mutation.

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