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Model for understanding atherosclerosis and the consequences

Model for understanding atherosclerosis and the consequences

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For a low price, you can buy this precise and educational model of the vessel changes in atherosclerosis.

The model can also be used to understand the formation of a blood clot based on atherosclerosis. Furthermore, the artery branching in the model can be used to explain and understand Virchow's triad.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows the 3 wall layers in arteries as well as the branching of an artery into 2 smaller arteries. All this is shown via various cuts through the blood vessels.

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Clinical features

Clinically, it illustrates both mild and severe atherosclerosis (atherosclerosis), which is a chronic inflammation of the inner wall layer of the blood vessel (the wall layer facing the blood-filled lumen). The consequence in the form of vessel narrowing is clearly seen.

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