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Model of a fetal skull with fontanelles and colored bones corresponding to pregnancy week 38

Model of a fetal skull with fontanelles and colored bones corresponding to pregnancy week 38

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This fetal skull comes with educationally colored skull bones that also highlight fontanelles. It is mainly bought by Cranio-Sacral Therapists and osteopaths.

The fetal skull is molded in colored plastic and is delivered in a size that corresponds to the size of the fetus at 38 weeks of pregnancy. The weight is 0.2 kg. Both the colored skull bones and fontanelles are numbered. A list with the names of these anatomical structures is included with the purchase.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, it must be emphasized that the fetal skull allows the fontanelles to be seen. Although a child has 6 of these areas (holes) at birth, we often only talk about a front and back fontanelle.

All 6 fontanelles are seen on the fetal skull:

The large anterior fontanelle
The posterior fontanelle
Right anterior lateral fontanelle
Right posterior lateral fontanelle
Left anterior lateral fontanelle
Left posterior lateral fontanelle

Generally speaking, the human skull can be divided into 2 parts, and the fetal skull therefore shows the development of the following:

1) The braincase (neurocranium), which is intended to enclose the brain and the hearing-equilibrium organ

2) The facial skeleton (viscerocranium) which surrounds the nasal cavity and forms the tooth-bearing framework around the oral cavity.

The skull bones are colored in different colors, but the paired bones in the same color.

Product flexibility

In terms of movement, only the jaw joint is relevant to highlight, as the lower jaw can be completely removed.

Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model has been developed to understand fontanelles, which not infrequently worry new parents. It is also ideal for understanding conditions such as craniosynostosis and the formation of independent suture bones (ossa suturalia/Wormiana) as well as the development and function of sutures in relation to forms of treatment such as osteopathy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

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