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Model of the superficial and deep muscles of the back

Model of the superficial and deep muscles of the back

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If you are looking for a muscle model in a practical size, which shows both the superficial and deep muscles of the back - and a little more, we would highly recommend this one.

Compared to the back of an adult, the back model is significantly reduced and therefore does not require as much space. The dimensions are 22 x 27 x 16 cm, and 3 parts can be removed. Furthermore, the model weighs 1.1 kg and is delivered on a stand with 2 information cards where the model's anatomical structures are named on e.g. Latin and English.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows the superficial and deep skeletal muscles of the back. As the model has been developed in an innovative design, it allows you to easily and conveniently change your focus from the superficial to the deep muscles by removing parts of the model. The model's joints are not movable.

The model also shows the origins and attachments of the muscles on the shoulder blades, vertebrae and ribs. It enables a practical understanding of the function of the superficial back muscles versus the deep back muscles. You can also gain an understanding of the role of the shoulder blade and an insight into the rib musculature.

The level of detail is good. For example, you see both the serratus posterior superior and the serratus posterior inferior. If you look at the spine and back muscles from the side, you also see a precise representation of the curvature of the back (lordosis and kyphosis).

Product flexibility

Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model is ideal for understanding muscle and tendon-related disorders. The model can, for example, be used to understand muscle pain, muscle soreness/muscle infiltrations and possibly scoliosis.

Back pain affects many people, and this back model can benefit the table of any practitioner who works with back pain.

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