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Model of the entire digestive system at 91 cm in height

Model of the entire digestive system at 91 cm in height

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This model shows the digestive tract from start to finish in life size. It also shows the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. It measures 91 x 32 x 12 cm (height x width x length) and weighs approximately 4.7 kg. It can be separated into 2 parts and is delivered on a stand (plate).

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows the following organs that make up the digestive system (listed from top to bottom):

The mouth (the nasal cavity is also visible)
The pharynx (as well as its relations to other tissues)
Esophagus (the beginning of the esophagus is also shown with relationships to other tissues)
The stomach
The rest of the small intestine
Colon (incl. rectum)
The liver and gallbladder
The pancreas

In addition, the spleen is seen. Several of the organs are shown exposed - including the stomach, the ileocaecal site and the rectum. Furthermore, the transverse part of the large intestine (colon transversum) can be removed.

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Clinical features

Clinically, the model is ideal for understanding many different disorders related to the digestive system. Examples are appendicitis, intestinal loop and various cancers. As several of the organs are shown exposed, the model can also be used to understand specific disorders in the mucous membrane.

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