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Model of the female genitalia for targeted sex education

Model of the female genitalia for targeted sex education

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Anatomical model of the female genitalia presented in a unique and educational way with the use of colors and transparent surroundings in the form of the pelvis and part of the thigh.

The model was developed in collaboration with Oberstudienrat Angelika Beck and produced by SOMSO Modelle, which stands for the market's highest quality and exceptional craftsmanship and material quality.

With a special focus on sex education and pedagogy, the model presents the structures that make up the female genitalia with individual colors.

The individual structures are colored in an educational system with Green for structures related to pregnancy and Yellow, orange, pink and blue for other structures.

The model has the dimensions length 26 cm, width 49 cm, height 23 cm and a weight of 2.5 kg.

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