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Model of the skeleton of the hand and both forearm bones

Model of the skeleton of the hand and both forearm bones

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This simple hand model shows the hand and forearm in life size. Several of the bones are joined together by steel wire.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the hand model shows the entire coil bone (radius), the entire elbow bone (ulna) and the entire hand (manus). The model only shows bones and the many joints. The bone structure is realistic, and therefore important "osseous landmarks" such as knots and depressions are clearly seen.

Product flexibility

In terms of movement, the model is flexible and can therefore be used to demonstrate wrist movements such as flexion. Furthermore, the radius can be rotated.

Clinical features

Clinically, this model is ideal for understanding fractures such as Colle's (as well as Smith's and Barton's) fractures. It is also ideal for understanding scaphoid fracture and other fractures of the hand.

Furthermore, the model is ideal for understanding joint slip (luxation), arthrosis (wear-and-tear) and possibly rheumatoid arthritis, although neither joint capsules nor clear markings of cartilage are seen on joint surfaces.

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