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Model of the vessel system in relief with a height of 90 cm.

Model of the vessel system in relief with a height of 90 cm.

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This unique model of the tub system measures 32 x 90 x 12 cm and is used, among other things. in teaching at higher education institutions. In the figure's chest is a heart that can be opened. The model is delivered permanently mounted on a rectangular plastic plate.

Anatomically speaking the heart's blood supply, chambers, valves etc. can be examined. In addition, all the body's large arteries and veins can be seen in each red and blue color. The figure's arms and legs are positioned or rotated so that the blood vessels can be better seen. The figure also shows blood vessels to and from the major organ systems such as the brain, lungs and the stomach and intestinal system.

Clinically speaking, the model does not show anything pathological (in terms of disease) but is ideal for explaining and/illustrating this – e.g.:

- Blood clots in the lungs that are detached from larger blood clots in a leg or the pelvis

- Portal hypertension such as can result in esophageal varices

- Blood clots in the brain which have been carried with the blood from the heart, the aortic arch or a carotid artery

- Pulmonary edema

- The importance of vasodilatory or vasoconstrictive drugs

- The importance of diuretics

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